Sand Pouring Cylinder- Soil Testing Equipment

Sand Pouring Cylinder

We are the best provider of Sand Pouring Cylinder used in determining the density of soil. These cylinders are devised using high quality metal components and anti corrosive materials. They are also provided in customized size and thickness to meet diverse client requirements. These products are highly durable, accurately designed and provided to various construction sectors across the nation.


  • Sand Pouring Cylinder┬áis used to measure density of fine, medium, coarse grained soil.

  • 100mm:- 115 mm internal dia with conical fun net and shutter.

  • Calibrating Container- 100mm deep with flange 50 mm wide. Matal tray 300mm square x 40mm deep with 100mm dia hole at the centre.

  • 150mm:- Used to measure in situ density of fine, medium, coarse grained soil. Cylinder with 15500 dia and length 450 mm cylinder container metal tray hole in the center.

  • 200mm:- Sand Pouring Cylinder, 215 mm internal dia. with conical funnel and shutter calibrating container 200mm inner dia x 250 mm high with 75 mm wide flange. Metal tray 450mm square x 50 mm deep with a 200 dia hole at the center.


  • High quality

  • Best performance

  • Economical range

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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Piece(s)

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